« J’aime particulièrement le Trièves. Cette plaine tourmentée qui s’étend en triangle sous l’Obiou et le Grand Ferrand. Je suis à pied d’œuvre pour mes marches dans la montagne. Et puis j’aime la vie avec ces paysans âpres et doux. » Jean Giono, Lalley, juillet 1935

In this passage, well-known writer, Jean Giono, speaks about his love for the quiet beauty of the land that forms a triangle between the Obiou and the Grand Ferrand. He was quoted here as saying that taking long walks in the Vercors & Trieves Plateaux and conversing with local farmers were two of his favorite pastimes.

Between the Vercors and the Southern Alps (just 40 minutes from Grenoble) you find an obscure but very scenic expanse of land, known as the Trieves Plateau. The region is rich in charm and history. In the heart of the region, and only minutes from the historic village of Mens, “les Agnelles” is situated in the quiet hamlet of Villard-de-Touage.